How can I use Whatsapp Without Scanning QR code on Laptop/PC

 In today's digital world, WhatsApp has around 3 billion users when it comes to our daily communication, professional and commercial needs are fulfilled through WhatsApp features like chats, sharing media, documents, location, etc. All these tasks are performed in one place that's why it is better than others. 

Regular WhatsApp updates allow the user to make their work easier to save time but when it comes to using the same WhatsApp account without scanning the QR code on other devices like laptops, desktops, or mobile phones through WhatsApp web as yet there is no way. 

But as per the new update, it will be possible without scanning the QR code with WhatsApp on a PC or mobile phone while your mobile is away from the laptop in which you want to use WhatsApp so in this article we will inform you how you can do it easily through a code.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is a tool that allows users to access WhatsApp directly on a desktop or laptop. It works as an extension of the WhatsApp application for smartphones, allowing you to send and receive messages, and view multimedia content, on your desktop or laptop.

 It provides more benefits like comfortably using a physical keyboard while messaging, viewing multimedia or documents on a larger screen, and multitasking without disturbing their conversations.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

First, you should have a WhatsApp application on your mobile phone with an active account. Then follow the below steps:-

1. Open your WhatsApp application on mobile.

2. click on the three dots on the right side of the upper corner.

3. Go to the linked devices option.

4. Now your mobile's camera will be open to scan the QR code.

5. Go to your PC or laptop and search on Chrome browser 'WhatsApp web' the QR code will appear.

6. Scan this QR code from your device.

7. Finally your WhatsApp will access on your desktop.

Steps to use WhatsApp web without scanning a QR code 

Following an update to the WhatsApp application, certain updates offer to connect your WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web using code, but this also requires your mobile phone; otherwise, there is no way to connect your WhatsApp without your mobile phone. 

The benefits of this upgrade include the following: if you share your WhatsApp with a friend or coworker and they are separated by a distance, there is no need to scan a QR code to connect your  WhatsApp. Here are some techniques to connect WhatsApp long-distance from mobile to a PC or Laptop:-

1. Open Whatsapp web on Chrome browser.

2. There is an option called Link with phone number.

3. Enter your phone number and tap on the next button.

4. Eight digit code will appear. At the same time on your mobile phone popup notification will show open that and fill code on your mobile that showed on your PC.

5. After entering the code your mobile phone Whatsapp will open on your PC.

This elegant feature does not require scanning to connect to WhatsApp. you can connect your WhatsApp up to 5 PCs, most commercial places use these features.

Things to keep in mind while using WhatsApp on a browser

1. Security: Always log in from a secure device or network. To protect your messages from illegal access and avoid signing into WhatsApp web on public or insecure networks.

2. Logout: Remember to log out of your WhatsApp web after you're finished, especially if you're using a shared or public computer.

3. Privacy: Be aware of your privacy settings, WhatsApp web duplicates messages from your device so any change you make to your phone's privacy setting will also affect.

4. Device connection: Keep your mobile connection to the internet while using WhatsApp web. Disconnnect your phone and log out of whatsap.

5. Browser update: Ensure your browser is up to date for easy connectivity.

6. Multi-device use: Whatsapp web allows multi-device use which means you may access your account in multiple browsers at once. Be aware of this feature and plan your session accordingly.

7. Data usage: Whatsapp web eats data, particularly when sending or receiving media files. If you have a limited data plan, monitor your usage to avoid exceeding your limit.

8. Session management: you may manage your active from your device with WhatsApp web. you can view and log out of ongoing sessions to guarantee your account security.

By keeping these points in mind, you can use WhatsApp web on your browser securely and efficiently.


 Accessing WhatsApp on a PC without scanning a QR code raises worries about account security and privacy. While many third-party applications claim to offer this feature user should be aware of keeping their personal information safe.  Furthermore, users should stay informed about any updates or Whatsapp policies to make an informed selection. We advise that, with the official WhatsApp upgrade, you do not use any other method to access these capabilities because it compromises your personal information and device security. Also, after using your account on any public network, log out from all devices.

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