"SAR Value - What Every Mobile Phone User Should Know"

You're not the only one who has ever heard someone discuss a mobile phone's SAR value and wondered what it meant. The term "SAR" is referred to as "Specific Absorption Rate," and it represents how much radiofrequency (RF) energy the human body absorbs while using a mobile device.

 It simply informs you of the radiation levels your phone releases and the radiation your body absorbs. SAR values are expressed in watts per kilogram (W/kg). The possible risk to your health decreases with decreasing SAR values.

 Regulatory bodies worldwide have set maximum SAR value restrictions to ensure mobile phones are safe to use. In order to make a choice about the exposure to RF radiation when purchasing a new phone, it is a good idea to verify its SAR value. 

SAR value of Head and Body

When we use gadgets like cell phones,  SAR levels are crucial to understanding because too much exposure to this energy might be harmful to human health. 

The maximum SAR value measure of the head is 1.15W/kg and the SAR value measure of the human body is 0.68W/kg if it extends these standard values it might be harmful to our health.

 The maximum quantity of energy that our tissues can absorb is indicated by the SAR value. Low SAR values mean that our bodies absorb less energy, making us safer. Therefore, it seems sensible to select devices with lower SAR values to minimize any possible health concerns.

Check the SAR value of the Mobile

There's no need to worry if you wish to check the SAR value of your mobile phone. Finding out the SAR value of mobile is actually fairly simple:

1. Open your phone's Setting menu to get started. This can be accessed on the home screen or in the app drawer and is typically represented by a gear symbol.

2. After entering the Setting menu, search for the "About Phone" or "About Device" option. It may differ based on the maker of your phone and the operating system it uses (such as iOS or Android).

3. You may find other related information about your device in the "About Phone" section. Look for a menu item with either "Legal Information" or "Regulatory Information".

4. In the regulatory information, look for a section titled "SAR Value" or "SAR Information". The SAR values for your phone are displayed when you tap on that option. SAR value also finds out using *#07# code.

5. SAR values may be given for several body sections, including the head and body. Pay attention to the particular numbers given because they show the rates of radiation absorption.

Don't panic if you can't locate the SAR value in the "About Phone" section. For more information, you may always go through the user guide or the manufacturer's website. 

SAR values are additionally provided by some manufacturers on product packaging or their official websites. You can choose a phone that fits your preferences for reduced radiation levels by looking at the SAR value and making an educated decision about the potential exposure to RF radiation.

How much is SAR value safe for the human body? 

To protect the safety, regulatory bodies from all over the world have set restrictions for the highest SAR value permitted in mobile phones. In general, the potential danger is a lower SAR value. Depending on the nation or region, the precise safe SAR value may change. 

For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States has established a maximum SAR value of 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg) averaged across one gram of tissue.

 In Europe, the maximum is 2.0 W/kg averaging over 10 grams of tissue. These restrictions are made to safeguard users from any potential negative effects of RF radiation.

SAR value in India

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is the government regulatory authority in charge of determining SAR limitations in India. The maximum SAR limit for mobile phones in India is 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg), averaged over one gram of tissue.

 To guarantee user safety, mobile phones sold in India must abide by this SAR restriction. SAR levels for various phone models can vary, thus it's a good idea to check the SAR value of a particular mobile phone before buying it.

 By staying within the prescribed SAR limits, mobile phone manufacturers ensure that their devices are safe for use and minimize potential risks associated with RF radiation exposure.

For Android and iPhone

The SAR ratings for Android phones can change based on the brand and model. For their products, various manufacturers may use different SAR values. You may look through the settings on an Android phone to discover its SAR value.

Similarly, for iPhones, the SAR values might be different based on the specific model. To find the SAR value of an iPhone, go to the Setting app, then tap on "General" and select "About". Look for "Legal" or Regulatory" information, which should provide the SAR value.


In conclusion, knowing the SAR value of mobile devices is essential for making decisions regarding our health and well-being that are well-informed. We can reduce the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by our head and body by choosing gadgets with lower SAR values.

As a result, there may be fewer hazards from using this energy excessively. SAR values offer a useful indication of the degree of energy absorption, even if they are only one factor to take into account when utilizing mobile devices. 

In the end, giving lower SAR devices priority can help to maintain a safe and healthy mobile phone usage environment.

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