Tips to Search on Google Effectively


      In this technological era, Getting information about something is like a cup of tea. We know very well that google has the fastest and most popular search engine ever in the world with 80% of searches performs on it instead of others like Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, etc. Millions of people search at least one query per day on google but most of them don't able to get the pinpoint most out of it and waste a lot of time to get results on one search not able to do that in the right way.  

 Here I'll share some tips and tricks to save time and lots of effort you give to search that I also experienced. so here are 7 tips you should use to get a better experience from google:-

1. Use the colon to download files

Want to download any book, news, presentation, etc. on google but still struggling with it, here is a solution in a very easy manner. For eg if you want to download a pdf file of a book like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (my favorite one) search on google, and get lots of different results like buying the book from amazon, Wikipedia, etc.

But don't get confused, put an additional tag-filetype: pdf along with a search phrase you'll get only pdf websites for this specific book. Here you can easily download any kind of file according to its type like doc., Xls., ppt, etc.

2.  Narrow down the phrase with a quotes

Whenever you search for something to get information on that particular phrase, google provides the result in diversifying manner. For example, if you search a phrase looking for a digital marketing course tells the whole phrase. Search engines will give results in any order of the different websites.

So use quotes for minimizing Google's efforts to search your keywords to get specific results like "digital marketing course" now google will get back results related only to that phrase orderly. It saves a lot of time and requires less effort to get anything in an easy way.

3. Use + and - for getting the desired result

            Most of the time you want to find specific things about your query but it doesn't happen and a lot of unnecessary results are found. For instance, if search "how to manage time" you may get results inclusive of time management for all people but if you are in the category of student it could be amazing with putting a '+' sign along with the phrase "how to manage time"+students. you get certain results with manage time for students only. Make sure that there should be no space between the phrase and the "+" sign.

Furthermore, you could also use it to exclude unwanted phrases. For example, if you plan to buy a jacket but not in leather stuff then this trick will get you the most out of it with a ' - ' sign, put it before the last phrase like "jacket"-leather. Now this will enquire results keep out leather jackets you can use it according to your need.

4. Search particular websites   

      There are lots of websites that exist but If you want to get results from a particular website then this trick is for you. For example, if you plan to do a digital marketing course from udemy website, search "digital marketing course".

It will find all courses accordingly from only my website so it is very helpful to get the most out there.

5. Find related websites 

      If you want to examine related websites that exist on the internet world then here is the way to search for that kind of website to get similar results.

 For example, similar websites related to amazon will find out with the tag.

6. Use wildcard * asterisk 

Sometimes during a search, you might forget any word regarding your search and put a wildcard * between the place of the forgotten word. Google will find words automatically related to the whole phrase when searching a phrase like "work * dream big" you will get results about the whole phrase related to this word.


     In the end, I hope you will find some tips and tricks that will reduce your efforts to find your desired result in a very less amount of time. Stay tuned to this blog I will surely come up with the latest information that you required so give feedback about this article in the comments. be happy and stay tuned with us.  



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